The FOGO Story

When I was about 10 years old, my body was refusing to gain weight. I weighed 48 lbs and remember feeling anxious wondering why I was not growing on par with my friends, despite eating healthy and having a physically active life. After what seemed like an endless cycle of visits to various doctors, I was eventually diagnosed with gluten intolerance. The exact words from my doctor were that my digestive ecosystem was completely wiped out like the after-effects of a land blazed with nuclear war. While my mind and intellect were thriving, my body refused to catch up.
For the next 10 months, I had to go through an extremely strict diet, and with a discipline that was very challenging for a kid my age. After about a year and a half from discovery through the journey of eating food with the awareness of what worked well for my body, I finally was on par with a healthy child of my age. I reinstated a healthy digestive ecosystem for my long-term health. My body, mind and intellect were all in synchrony now and I was back to thriving again.
I often wondered what would have happened if the cycle of diagnosis continued to keep treating the symptoms versus the root cause? Can there be a System that makes it easy to understand what food works best based on an individual’s needs?
I founded FOGO, which stands for Food Is Good, with the intent to revolutionize the way individuals think and make decisions about their everyday food by personalizing nutritional awareness.

I Hope my Insights Empower You!

~Krishna Venugopal

Founder and CEO