What is FOGO?


Today, there is only a unidimensional approach to measuring food intake using Calorie count. While no two individuals’ nutritional needs are the same, why are we still measuring food in terms of a number that measures only energy? Why are we not measuring our everyday food intake in terms of nutritional factors that mean something to our overall health?

The Solution:

FOGO* is a health-tech application that revolutionizes the way in which nutrition is measured
The App:
1) Measures food based on attributes of Growth, Energy, Immunity, Detox (GEID) and provides a GEID score vs. the unidimensional measure using just Calories
2) Describes what food is Excellent, Good, Ok, or needs improvement based on the GEID needs of the Individual
3) Predicts alternative or supplemental food items that can improve Growth, Energy, Immunity, Detox attributes based on the individual’s requirements

FOGO* is a positive habit inducing application that revolutionizes the way in which individuals think and make decisions about their everyday food choices. It personalizes nutritional awareness using descriptive and predictive analytics. *US Patent Pending under, “A new System that provides positive reinforcement on appropriate food choices”