Hi There!

I’m Krishna Venugopal, currently attending high school at The John Cooper School in The Woodlands, Texas. I’m a leader and entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering individuals and communities through technology. By nature, I seek meaning that drives a deep purpose in my actions. My Philosophy is rooted in Empowerment through Empathy and Service.

My leadership philosophy and my passion for adding value through innovation have driven me to found FOGO, a health-tech start-up, which empowers individuals by providing nutritional awareness to their everyday food choices. I have a US Patent Pending under the title “A new System that provides positive reinforcement on appropriate food choices”

I am also the Founder and CEO of the non-profit FIRE, which stands for Finance Initiative for Rural Empowerment. FIRE aims to bridge the digital divide impacting Rural businesses by promoting a culture shift to harness the power of technology to improve business operations and increase customer outreach.

I have Co-Founded Ingreatient     a mobile app start-up that shows food allergies information by scanning barcode in the packaging of any food item. My team developed a minimum viable product, and I was responsible for the market research, pricing model and customer reach strategy. I co-founded this company as part of the highly selective ‘LaunchX Entrepreneurship’ program during Summer of 2021.

I enjoy serving my school through my role as the President of the Student Government Association, and my community through volunteering under the direction of Meals on Wheels, Interfaith of The Woodlands, and other opportunities. I have been recognized with the Congressional Youth Award Medal and Presidential Voluntary Service Gold Medal for these service activities.

I’m a passionate Soccer and Track player, representing my school’s Varsity teams in both sports.  I love travelling and have experienced the cultures of eight different countries so far. I would love to continue exploring through travels soon.

LinkedIn :  https://www.linkedin.com/in/krishna-venugopal-035145218/